The Nigeria Carnival Queen and her court serve as ambassadors for Nigeria at various national and international events, representing the country’s beauty, culture, and tourism potential. They actively participate in community service projects, cultural exchange programs, and advocacy campaigns, acting as role models to inspire and empower young girls and women across Nigeria.

The Nigeria Carnival Queen, previously recognized as the Face of Idoma International, holds a significant role in promoting the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the Idoma people. To effectively communicate the transition of this prestigious title to both participants and the general public, a formal approach must be employed, ensuring accurate dissemination of information and upholding the value and importance of the event.

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Our vision is to create a platform for young Nigerian women to gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and become ambassadors for promoting Nigeria’s cultural heritage and tourism potential on a global scale. We aim to showcase the beauty and talents of Nigerian women and inspire others to embrace their cultural roots.


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