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The prestigious Face of Idoma International Pageant is excited to announce a remarkable transformation with the change of its name to Nigeria Carnival Queen. This decision was reached after careful deliberation and consideration of the evolving pageant landscape, in order to better align with the spirit of unity and diversity in our great nation.

Previously known as the Face of Idoma International Pageant, the renowned beauty contest has always celebrated the beauty, intellect, and cultural heritage of the Idoma people. However, in an ever-changing society that thrives on inclusivity and the exploration of our national diversity, it is imperative that we adapt to better mirror the rich tapestry of Nigeria.

Now, under the new name of Nigeria Carnival Queen, we aim to showcase the true essence of Nigeria’s cultural, traditional, and ethnic diversity found in every nook and cranny of our great nation. By rebranding ourselves as Nigeria Carnival Queen, we embrace the responsibility of leading the way in promoting unity, inclusivity, and the vibrant spirit of our nation.

The Nigeria Carnival Queen pageant is an avenue for women from different backgrounds to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and talents while promoting our shared heritage. It is a celebration of the Nigerian woman who embodies grace, intelligence, poise, and cultural pride.

We are thrilled to announce that with this change of name, the registration for the Nigeria Carnival Queen 2023 is now open to all eligible candidates who wish to participate. Aspiring contestants who meet the following criteria are welcomed to register:

1. Female Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 28.
2. Possesses good moral character and upholds the values of integrity and respect.
3. Embraces Nigeria’s cultural diversity and is proud of her heritage.
4. Demonstrates exceptional intelligence, grace, and confidence.

Interested candidates can simply visit our official website, to access the registration form and find all necessary information about the upcoming pageant. We encourage all potential contestants who meet the eligibility requirements to seize this opportunity and showcase their talents on the grandest stage.

We believe that the rebranding of the pageant to Nigeria Carnival Queen signifies the beginning of a new chapter in our journey towards fostering unity and promoting our nation’s rich cultural heritage. We are committed to empowering Nigerian women and providing them with a platform to blossom and make a positive impact in our society.

For media inquiries, please contact
Phone Number:- 07086967993/08061285943

The Nigeria Carnival Queen beauty pageant is held annually, attracting participants from across the country. During the carnival event, contestants showcase their beauty, intelligence, talent, and cultural awareness.


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Our vision is to create a platform for young Nigerian women to gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and become ambassadors for promoting Nigeria’s cultural heritage and tourism potential on a global scale. We aim to showcase the beauty and talents of Nigerian women and inspire others to embrace their cultural roots.


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