Nigeria Carnival Queen

Grace Ogoh emerges Nigerian Carnival Queen

Grace Omaye Ogoh, representing Miss Adamawa, has been crowned the 2023 Nigerian Carnival Queen, triumphing in a highly competitive contest at the Idoma International Carnival in Otukpo, Benue State.

The fiercely contested crown saw Ogoh outshine eight other contestants in the Nigerian Carnival Queen category, formerly known as Face of Idoma International.

Lucy Ameh, Director of Pageantry and renowned Nollywood actress, emphasized that participants would be assessed based on their conduct from the camp to the grand finale, stating, “Beauty knows no boundaries—it transcends stereotypes, embraces differences, and celebrates the uniqueness that defines us.”

The panel of judges, led by Nollywood actress Ani Amatosero, described the contest as a tough fight, acknowledging the outstanding performances of all contestants. Ogoh secured the crown with a commendation for her charisma, poise, beauty, and intelligence.

Addressing non-winning contestants, Amatosero encouraged them to view themselves as individuals with opportunities for growth in future contests.

Omaye Ogoh, the newly crowned Nigerian Carnival Queen, received the star prize of a brand new car along with other enticing rewards. Augusta Ogabanya Ogaba secured the 1st runner-up position, and Christiana Oche Kelvin claimed the third spot.

Established in 2013 by Chief Edwin Ochai as Face of Idoma International, the beauty pageant aims to celebrate the beauty and grace of Nigerian women, empowering them to make a difference and promoting cultural diversity and tourism. According to Ochai, the vision is to be the best and most reliable platform for beauty pageantry and women’s empowerment in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Carnival Queen beauty pageant is held annually, attracting participants from across the country. During the carnival event, contestants showcase their beauty, intelligence, talent, and cultural awareness.


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Our vision is to create a platform for young Nigerian women to gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and become ambassadors for promoting Nigeria’s cultural heritage and tourism potential on a global scale. We aim to showcase the beauty and talents of Nigerian women and inspire others to embrace their cultural roots.


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